Monday, January 25, 2010


Traffic's "The low spark of high heeled boys" starts it's voyage on a dreamyintoxicating tide with Hidden Treasure. Then immediately the title track (side 1/track 2) introduces itself with a dark soulful husk but eventually, In a quirky gesture, resolves to a super jovial chorus (very Winwood)then does the 12 min moody jam thing. It's tastier and homier than a crock pot beef stew dipping crusty baguette. Light Up Or Leave Me Alone is a solid gem with deep grooves and smooth peaks. Every facet shines a warm spark. Takes me to side 2.

Rock & Roll Stew smells like black leather. Feedback delay on lead vocal creates a chill over an otherwise smoldering sex track featuring just enough jungle percussion and bongos. Track 2, Many A Mile To Freedom: beautiful glimmering electric piano and sparkling guitar. It's a sweet Winwood hope anthemyum. Final track, Rainmaker: super mellow but rich and smooth. Lots of world influence.

Buy this album on vinyl and smoke a fatty bowl. You will never stop enjoying this 45 min proggy mind voyage!

Download the title track: The Low Spark of High Healed Boys

Saturday, December 5, 2009


In 1984 System releases a record that revolutionizes the application of electronic music, “X-periment”—ultimately shepherding a long line of successors that in one way or another must credit System’s immortal influence over Pop and R&b music.

David Frank and Mic Muprhy are System, and they should have a home in your record library.

Download :

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Brian De Palma, in his masterpiece film, Phantom of the Paradise, creates a dismal portrait of the LA/NY music biz in the 1970's. Paul Williams adorns this cult classic with a certain unique romance that drenches this De Palma classic in gasoline and glitter.

The Phantom of the Paradise soundtrack is guaranteed to bring a tinge of "Bleak Americana" to your vinyl collection. Get it—and enjoy great haunting tracks. Look forward to tracks performed by indie film queen Jessica Harper. Personally, my favorite track is Side 2, track 3—Old Souls.

Download Old Souls: