Monday, January 25, 2010


Traffic's "The low spark of high heeled boys" starts it's voyage on a dreamyintoxicating tide with Hidden Treasure. Then immediately the title track (side 1/track 2) introduces itself with a dark soulful husk but eventually, In a quirky gesture, resolves to a super jovial chorus (very Winwood)then does the 12 min moody jam thing. It's tastier and homier than a crock pot beef stew dipping crusty baguette. Light Up Or Leave Me Alone is a solid gem with deep grooves and smooth peaks. Every facet shines a warm spark. Takes me to side 2.

Rock & Roll Stew smells like black leather. Feedback delay on lead vocal creates a chill over an otherwise smoldering sex track featuring just enough jungle percussion and bongos. Track 2, Many A Mile To Freedom: beautiful glimmering electric piano and sparkling guitar. It's a sweet Winwood hope anthemyum. Final track, Rainmaker: super mellow but rich and smooth. Lots of world influence.

Buy this album on vinyl and smoke a fatty bowl. You will never stop enjoying this 45 min proggy mind voyage!

Download the title track: The Low Spark of High Healed Boys

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